Admission and training of partner companies

Admission and training of partner companies

Since we at Boehringer Ingelheim attach great importance to safety, we have established the following procedure concerning the use of our partner companies at our sites.

To ensure that you can obtain information about the existing safety procedures in good time before your stay at Boehringer Ingelheim, we have established a training and access procedure for our external contractors (partner companies). Before accessing the works site, contractors - and approved subcontractors - must independently

  • complete a safety instruction course on the Internet,
  • register via the online registration portal
  • and confirm completion of the training during the online registration.

Boehringer Ingelheim has established binding rules of conduct for partner companies and their personnel and incorporated these in a training presentation. Please use this training presentation for instruction purposes.

We use the term "partner companies" to refer to all contractors and subcontractors, e.g. tradespeople, service technicians, customer service fitters, consultants and trainers. Visitors and suppliers (e.g. forwarders, building material deliveries and parcel services) are not covered by this procedure.

To ensure that we remain informed about your activities on the works site, you must register in good time via the online registration portal. By registering you confirm in a legally binding manner that your personnel and any subcontractors have been adequately trained in the rules of conduct for partner companies and their personnel.
As we always like to keep our partner companies up to date, the safety instruction remains valid for a maximum of one year.

During the online registration please ensure that you enter the correct e-mail address of your Boehringer Ingelheim contact in the online registration portal, otherwise you will not be registered. If they are not registered, partner companies will not gain access to the site. The completion of the safety instruction course at the gate is not possible.
Boehringer Ingelheim conducts tests at random. If the test, with a single repetition, is not passed we will have to withdraw the access authorization.