Safety briefing level ' C ',
Briefing technical areas and GMP-Training

Safety briefing level C, Briefing technical areas and GMP-Training for partner companies

The instructions listed on the side serve to train employees of partner companies for the correct behavior in the technical and GMP areas of (bio-)pharmaceutical and chemical production.

Among other things, the following topics will be explained:

Safety briefing level C

  • General rules of conduct in the production areas
  • Access regulations, emergency management, occupational safety
  • Protective measures regarding PPE, Clothing requirements, ladders, scaffolding, release certifications/permits, explosion protection, environmental protection

Please note! Briefing technical areas at the Ingelheim site

This briefing was formerly part of the Level C safety briefing and only needs to be trained if you will be working in the following areas:

  • Technical, energy centers
  • Accessible suspended ceilings
  • Refrigeration centers, electrical rooms, server rooms
  • Pipe bridges, pipelines
  • Roofs and WWTP

GMP Training at the Ingelheim site

  • General information and rules of conduct for GMP areas
  • Operational and personnel hygiene, entry procedures for personnel and material
  • GMP compliant documentation

This instruction / training can be carried out conveniently at your location, or alternatively directly before starting work at the training terminal in building 5319B or at your Boehringer Ingelheim contact at the Ingelheim site.

The following central e-mail link is available for general inquiries.

Please name the Boehringer Ingelheim contact person concerned in the e-mail so that your request can be processed promptly and correctly.

Each employee must receive the relevant instructions/training for the current calendar year before starting work. Attached to the briefing / training is a (briefing) confirmation which the employee must sign after the briefing / training. The original of this confirmation must be handed in to the Boehringer Ingelheim contact person upon registration on the first day of the work assignment. A spot check of the training content will be carried out on site.

Employees of partner companies who are in the GMP areas and work there in the presence of open product or have contact with surfaces that come into contact with the product are additionally required to undergo a GMP examination. The necessity of this must be clarified with their client. This examination is required before the first work assignment in the GMP area.

The GMP examination can be performed by an occupational health service or a company physician in private practice. The scope of the examination can be found in the requirements profile.

The original certificate confirming successful completion of the examination must be presented to your Boehringer-Ingelheim contact person. For information on the status of the examinations and the frequency of follow-up examinations, please contact your Boehringer Ingelheim contact person.

The documents below are valid from 01.01.2024. Only these documents are to be used.